Wedding @ De Courcey’s Manor, Cardiff

Nichola & Andrew were married at De Courcey’s Manor in Cardiff about a month ago.  A great day and one that I really enjoyed!



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Isn’t it nice when…

Isn’t it nice when…

… people take the time to thank you for shooting their wedding?

I know that sounds a bit coy but I really appreciate it when people take the time to send a quick note to say thanks etc.  All of my couples do give a big hug (or handshake!!) when I’m packing up to say thanks; but some people go that extra mile.

Comments from Jenny & Alex’s wedding really typify the kind of response that I often get and not just from the happy couple but from members of the family as well.

A few below sum all of the nice comments up and were left on my Facebook page

“Hi Andrew,

The photo’s r absolutely fabulous, u have taken some beautiful natural shots. Oh if u ever need to borrow a little model, lol, as u can c Freya-Suzanne is a natural poser. I did modelling years ago, so I think she is a bit of a copycat lol.

Take care, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ur company, trust me I will certainly recommend ur services.

Thank you.

Sue x”

“Hi Andrew – Just wanted to say thanks for making last Saturday such a special day for Jenny & Alex – we were all really impressed with your professionalism behind the camera and your kindness at all other times – nothing seemed to much trouble and even when all the amateurs were getting in your way – including me – you just carried on regardless – the photos are excellent and we cant wait to see the full edited set – finally thanks so much for letting us use your projector on the evening it made Jenny very happy. – All the Best John.”

Sue and John are mum and dad to Jenny whose wedding I shot 16th october 2010.



Wedding Photographers Bristol

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Who’s photographing your wedding…

Pay Peanuts and get Monkeys…

(Or “Who’s photographing your wedding…”)

So, you have been to the wedding fayres, seen all the photographers, visited websites, looked at photos till you’re eyes bleed (ok, may not bleed but ache a lot!!)

So you call a few up, they visit you; bring their albums – you love the albums and you book them.

Then someone else turns up to photograph your wedding.  Not the person you met with those great albums but a complete stranger.

Don’t think it will happen?  Well, check with your photographer if the one you see is the one who is going to shoot your wedding!

I have had several calls and e-mails this week from brides who have booked with a range of photography companies who then tell them (at least they tell them in advance!!) that the person they saw wont be the person who takes their photographs.

Now, from a sales point of view photography is a very personable thing. A photographer shooting ‘All day photography’ is going to with the bride for about 12-15 hours perhaps.  Do you really want a complete stranger or someone who you have met previously, who has shot your pre-wedding shoot and who gives you tips on your wedding dress!!??

Be careful of low cost photography – it often means that they are using other, possibly non-professional, photographers or part-timers.

Think about how much work and efforts is required for a full days work and album design and prints afterwards?  Think about:

  • Tax
  • VAT
  • National Insurance
  • Professional Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Camera equipment costs etc.
  • Album cost
  • Print costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Car Insurance
  • MOT
  • Car Tax
  • etc etc etc..

Any thing less than £700 for a CD option then the chances are some one in that list above is not getting paid or the quality isn’t going to be there.

This isn’t a rally against low cost wedding photography but remember you get what you pay for in this world… pay peanuts get monkeys.



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Think before you buy! Sales tricks wedding photographers use…

“Hurry up and book me, dates are going fast.”
“Don’t lose out – book me now before some one else does”
“I shoot four weddings a day and only have 1 slot left for your date”
“50% discount – book now”

All emotional sales hooks designed to get you to part that much quicker with your hard earned cash before you have had time to think properly.

A good wedding photographer will just show you his or her work and then let you decide. They won’t be pushy, they won’t do hard sell, they won’t offer special offers at the end to get you to book there and then.

If they can offer a 50% discount (or even more) they are either overpriced to start with or desperate to get some cash flow for their business.

Think before you buy!


Wedding Photographers Bristol

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Jamie & Richard’s weddingJamie & Richard’s wedding

Well the weather held off for this wedding, so in this case I am really glad the weather forecast was wrong!!

It was also the wedding in which my favourite phrase to calm a bride down came about…

“Man up bitch”!! Yup – you read that right!!  as said to Jamie by Gemma her Bridesmaid! It had the whole room in fits of laughter and certainly brought the emotional levels down!! Well done Gemma.

We also had ‘Super’ nana who demanded to gon on the swing at De Courcey’s!!! Fab girl 🙂


Wedding Photographers Bristol

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Emma & Ian’s pre wedding shoot

Alex and Lucy are getting married at the fabulous Tortworth Court shortly and this was a great chance to check the details of the wedding!


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Jamie & Richard Pre Wedding Photo’s

A great couple who are so friendly, I know that their wedding is going to be great fun.  It was also nice to shoot on a dry day!


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