10 Reasons…

10 Reasons NOT to choose Andrew Miller Photography as your wedding photographer…

  1.  if you enjoy being put into awkward photography poses that make you look bloody stupid
  2. If you want rigid formal and old-fashioned photographs that your granny had
  3. If you want a different photographer to turn up on your day than the one you saw at the wedding fayre or who came to meet you.
  4. If you want a quiet shy photographer who won’t get the best out of you on day
  5. if you don’t want a pre wedding shoot (with complimentary prints) so you can get to know your photographer
  6. if you like hidden costs that only crop up AFTER your wedding is finished
  7. if you want to pay extra to stay for the cake cutting and first dance
  8. If you want a professionally printed storybook wedding album printed via a company based on the net that really costs less than £60
  9. if you don’t want to pay by instalments before your big day
  10. if you don’t want a secure and easy to access online gallery of your wedding photographs
  11. if you don’t want all of your edited wedding photographs on a ‘Facebook CD’ as proofs


Andrew Miller

newport wedding photographer


About Andrew Miller Photography

A professional wedding photography who allows brides and grooms to get on with their wedding -i.e. I stay in the background!
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