Value for Money – we all want it!

We all want it – value for money! We all want to feel that when we spend £x on a product we are getting not just a good deal, but a great deal – and hopefully an outstanding deal. That is what Value for Money (VfM) is all about.

When it comes to Wedding Photography Value for Money isn’t about price. (Actually it is never about price; but that is another blog). Value for Money in Wedding Photography is about what you pay compared to what you get and what you think you should be paying. Let me give you an example…

Photographer A – basic wedding package £395.

  • Bride getting ready.
  • Pre Ceremony Photography with Groom and Guests.
  • Full Ceremony Coverage Before and After.
  • Additional Photography at another location i.e. Park, beach, etc.
  • Full reception coverage from arrival to first dance.
  • A wedding album complete with 20 x 8″ photographs.
(information taken direct from the website)

What Does that Mean?

Now, looking at that you would think – great value for money. But let’s break it down..

  • “Bride getting ready / Pre ceremony photography / Full ceremony photography / Additional Photography / Full reception to first dance”

All of that basically means the photographer is going to do their job of photographing your wedding with no extra costs included. And they will do that for £395.

Next up is the album.  What is actually included in this? Twenty 8″ photographs.  You can get an 8″ photograph printed for about £1 from your local Asda or tesco

So what your getting is a very basic 10 page wedding album with 20 photographs and a photographer doing their basic job for £395.  Is that REAL value for money?

How about this package, taken from my own website.  It is the basic wedding album package I offer.

Option 2 – Graphistudio Wedding Album (20cm x 15cm)

What’s Included?

  1. One Graphistudio Storybook wedding album 20cm x 15cm with 20 pages
  2. Pre Wedding shoot
  3. “Facebook CD” with your edited wedding photographs as proofs
  4. Secure online web gallery for ordering or viewing your wedding photographs
  5. Two10″x8″ prints from your wedding or pre-wedding shoot OR one 10″ x 8″ including a signature mount
  6. All Day Wedding Photography – no time limits or extra charges for staying longer

I am offering all day photography (same as the above photographer) for £800. More than double the other photographer. So what do you get that is worth that extra £400?

  • A Wedding album with 20 pages. Actually not just a wedding album. You get an Italian Storybook wedding album with a transparent cover included in the price and enough space to have around 50+ photographs.
  • Double the number of pages and an increase of more than 200% in the number of photographs. The images below have 18 outstanding photographs on just two pages!
Wedding Albums from Andrew Miller

Wedding Albums from Andrew Miller

Wedding Albums from Andrew Miller

Wedding Albums from Andrew Miller

  • A pre wedding shoot – and prints from that shoot or a signature mount for guests to sign on your wedding day
  • Natural photography needs trust. This is exactly what a pre-wedding shoot gives both you and your photographer.
pre wedding shoots

pre wedding shoots

  • Secure online gallery for you and your family and friends to purchase extra wedding photographs
  • Nothing worse than not being abel to share your big day or purchase prints direct easily.
  • A CD containing ALL of your edited wedding photographs that has been designed to but uploaded to Facebook to show the world what a fantastic day you had.
    • Yup. You get an electronic copy of ALL of your wedding images.

    If I was to cost the whole package up it would come to much more than £800. I think the actual price is nearer £1200.

    So when you looking at wedding photography don’t just look at the bottom line price. Look at what the value for money is – you could just save yourself hundreds of pounds!




    About Andrew Miller Photography

    A professional wedding photography who allows brides and grooms to get on with their wedding -i.e. I stay in the background!
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